Dance & Draw

Creative expression and outlets are fundamental for helping us manage our feelings, relieve tension, calm our minds and provide us with a chance to be original and artistic. 

Singing, dancing, listening to music or playing an instrument can be very therapeutic - it fuels the soul, helps shake out negative feelings, and can renew hope and optimism.

Drawing, colouring, painting, writing, and getting creative with crafts are also important forms of expression. When you join children in these activities, you can improve your bond and hang out in a light-hearted but meaningful way - you may even discover some new interests your child has or unearth feelings about particular things going on in their lives. 

Just Draw
We'd love to see your children's pavement chalk creations or any other drawings about what looking after their mental health means to them. Upload your pictures to Instagram and tag us @MentalHealthWeekWA and hashtag #MHW2021 #MentalhealthstartswithourChildren #JustDraw.We can't wait to share them on our Insta page and this webpage.

Just Dance
If you take away nothing else from Mental Health Week this year, try and find time every week or whenever you can to set your favourite music, be silly with your children and enjoy a fun dance together! In the kitchen, on the patio, in your pyjamas - anything goes! It will do wonders to boost your mood, your relationship, your bonding and maybe even your child's behaviour. A bit of attention, recognition, meaningful engagement and a chance to laugh together will make your child feel special in more ways than you may even realise.

Tik Tok Mental Health Week Dance Challenge
We can't wait to see your dance moves - more information about our dance challenge coming soon... stay tuned!

Construction Dancer Our dance moves are in 'construction' and coming soon.