• 1 Oct 2020

    Time: 09:00 - 12:00

    'Dancing With Diagnosis' Concept Video Series

    This is a free online activity 

    Launching organisation, Thru the Rabbit Hole, brings you a social media based Mental Health Awareness Campaign in the form of a concept video series called 'Dancing With Diagnosis'

    There are 3 concepts to help you decide why to dance:

    Concept 1: You're a 'consumer' / 'carer' / community member who accepts diagnosis, feels no need/desire to question it & you're happy to dance with/to that. You want to humanize psychiatric diagnosis.

    Concept 2: You're a 'consumer' / 'carer' / community member questioning & 'dancing with the idea' of formal or self-diagnosis. You want to raise awareness that mental distress can happen to anyone, you feel diagnoses are unimportant & you want to humanize psychiatric diagnoses.

    Concept 3: You're a 'consumer' / 'carer' / community member / clinician who dances with diagnoses; you don't align with & are against pathologizing distress or you're starting to question & become frustrated by diagnostics. Your 'partner' is incompatible, you're not leading, you're dancing to someone else's tune, you're out of step, you can't feel the rhythm, or you dislike the whole show i.e. the mental health biomedical model

    “Instructions/Steps to take part: 1). Upload 30 second video of you dancing to any choice of music or none at all
    2) Use the tags /#dancingwithdiagnosis[insert diagosis] & #thrutherabbitholeaustralia
    3) You must tag the song title if using a song/music in your video
    4) [optional] Add a personal or social message

    As part of Thru the Rabbit Hole's Mental Health promotions and campaign, and with thanks to a wonderful partnership with the UpSelf Wellness -Self-Care Movement, it will give away 7 self-care "pamper package" prizes to to the most engaged with dancer/dance video posts. A winner will be announced on the Thru the Rabbit Hole Instagram account page throughout Mental Health Awareness Month. Don't forget to use the listed hashtags to be in the running for a lovely self-care treat!

    There are other conceptualizations and social justice oriented messages located within this campaign and people are encouraged to share their conceptualizations or even re-conceptualize their identity and personal/social labeling in the process, throughout mental health month & beyond...! Lets do this!

    For further information and to watch the 'Dancing With Diagnosis' campaign (and more) -visit regularly to the following social media platforms:
    Instagram: #dancingwithdiagnosis #thrutherabbitholeaustralia
    Facebook: Thru the Rabbit Hole: The Warren
    YouTube: Thru the Rabbit Hole With Phoebe Kingston
    You can also read about Thru the Rabbit Hole at www.thrutherabbithole.com.au

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