WA Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week brings awareness to mental health and wellbeing nationally, and scheduled around World Mental Health Day in October.

Western Australia Mental Health Week (WA MHW) is held between 7 to 14 October with the theme Mind, Body, and Environment and encourages people to participate in local events, conversations, and activities to raise the awareness of positive mental health and wellbeing. 

About the theme

As financial pressures and economic uncertainties weigh heavily on individuals and communities, the toll on mental wellbeing becomes increasingly significant. Investing time and effort in maintaining wellbeing equips people with ability to navigate challenging times.

How the mind, body and environment intersect is essential to overall wellbeing. Physical health – both inside of us and in the world around us – has a major impact on our mental health. The nutrition we consume, movement of our bodies, the health of the planet and the quality of housing and neighbourhoods all have a part to play in building healthy communities and people.



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Mental Health Awareness

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Featured events


06 Oct

Mental Health Week Opening Event - Esperance

07 Oct

Mental Health Week Busselton

10 Oct

World Mental Health Day Event - Karratha

12 Oct

The Jungle Body MEGA Class - Music, Movement, Mental Health

13 Oct

Breakfast by the Bay at the UWA Club

14 Oct

Mental Health Week Colour Run - Geraldton
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