WA Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week brings awareness to mental health and wellbeing nationally, and scheduled around World Mental Health Day in October.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Mental Health Week 2023.

We have already started planning Mental Health Week for 2024 and the dates will be 5 - 12 October. 

Mental Health Week is a national celebration encouraging social connection. This is an opportunity to highlight the important connection between social determinants of health and our mental health and to promote effective prevention strategies to keep people and our communities mentally healthy. This important week aims to increase mental wellbeing in WA communities by:  

  • Encouraging each of us to support and look out for one another.   
  • Promoting mental health literacy – learning the ‘language’ of expressing feelings, good and bad; and 
  • Continuing to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce the stigma that can be associated with seeking help. 

About the theme

Our theme for 2024 is: 

Empowering communities, thriving workforces: a journey towards investing in our mental health 

For WA Mental Health Week 2024, we're focusing on power.

 We're exploring the supports in our communities that help people who’ve experienced mental ill-health to empower themselves to take charge of their mental health within their everyday lives.

 How?  By shining a light on real stories of lived experience, recovery and life beyond mental ill-health, diagnoses and labels.

 We’ll celebrate stories of people with lived experience, help communities empower themselves, and show that mental health is about thriving, not just surviving!  We’ll also pay particular attention to the role of employment as mental health promotion and its role in recovery.

 Join us to challenge stigma, support individuals to chart their recovery, and tailor our efforts and support for lasting impact in our communities.



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Mental Health Awareness

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06 Oct

Mental Health Week Opening Event - Esperance

07 Oct

Mental Health Week Busselton

10 Oct

World Mental Health Day Event - Karratha

12 Oct

The Jungle Body MEGA Class - Music, Movement, Mental Health

13 Oct

Breakfast by the Bay at the UWA Club

14 Oct

Mental Health Week Colour Run - Geraldton
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