WA Mental health week

Mental Health Week is celebrated each year in October around World Mental Health Day on October 10.

Coordinated by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, with support from the WA Mental Health Commission, Mental Health Week provides a prime opportunity to address and highlight the important connection between social determinants and mental health; and promote effective prevention strategies to keep people mentally healthy. 

Given how critical the early years are for lifelong brain development and functioning, learning, and wellbeing, the theme for Mental Health Week 2021 in Western Australia was: Mental health starts with our children.

The theme recognised how a person’s mental health reflects the interaction of a lifetime of individual and lifestyle factors with a range of environmental, community and family risk factors.

For both children and adults, taking care of basic needs for shelter, food, warmth and rest are essential to mental wellbeing.

Mental Health Week ran on 9-16 October 2021 with a range of resources, activities, events, factsheets, tips and strategies on display. Read all the highlights.

Thank you to everyone who ensured Mental Health Week's success in WA this year - together we reached more than 200,000 people through events, digital platforms and community activities. The week showcased positive, helpful interactions, self-care tips and behavioural strategies while incorporating fun, creative expression and light-hearted elements along the way, including dancing, playing, talking, reading, journaling and drawing with our children.



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Why Children

Girl and mother skating A person's mental health reflects the interaction of a lifetime of individual and lifestyle factors with a range of environmental, community and family risk factors.
Father and children Positive wording helps children to think and act positively, and to feel capable in a wide range of situations. Our encouraging words stay with them for life. Our tone of voice and choice of words shapes their inner voice and self-confidence.
Hearts icon Babies and children practice love for life. The more they can feel love now and feel loved, the more generous with, and accepting of, all kinds of love the child will be, right through every stage of their life.
Kids playing Talking, reading, playing, singing, warm hugs, affection, active listening, eye contact and smiling, gentle movement, and spending time in the fresh air with babies and toddlers are important in shaping thinking, emotional patterns and relationships for life.
Mother and girl skating Early childhood is the ideal time to build a strong foundation for an individual’s health, emotional and social wellbeing, connection, resilience and development.
kids A child's early years represent the fastest period of brain growth and development, marking a time of rapid change. These early years are critical for lifelong learning and well-being.
teddy bear When children have what they need to develop well in the early years, they can thrive and be healthy now and throughout their lives.
father and children How we raise, educate, support, play, talk to, engage and influence children in their formative years has a lasting impact on a person’s mental wellbeing long into adulthood.

Support, strategies and self–care

Help lines and websites, online resources for strategies, tips and advice, recommended reading and helpful apps.
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Featured events


09 Oct
Registrations open! Opening Ceremony Community Bike Ride and Family Fun Weekend to officially open Mental Health Week 2021!


09 Oct
Art Exhibition at The Fibonacci Centre Fremantle


10 Oct
World Mental Health Day


13 Oct
Morning Tea for Mental Health Awareness


16 Oct
Closing Ceremony Magic Coat Treasure Hunt in Perth CBD

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