WA Mental Health Week over the years

2023 - Mind. Body. Environment artwork


Mind. Body. Environment

As financial pressures and economic uncertainties weigh heavily on individuals and communities, the toll on mental wellbeing becomes increasingly significant. Investing time and effort in maintaining wellbeing equips people with ability to navigate challenging times.

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2022 - Where we live. How we live. What we've lived artwork


Where we live. How we live. What we've lived

The nutrition we consume, movement of our bodies, the health of the planet and quality of our housing and neighbourhoods all play a part in building health communities and individuals. Our bodies keep physical score of what we experience – it's important to encourage a trauma-informed lens in trying to understand challenging behaviours, intrusive thoughts and reactions. Learning how to process, heal and grow from negative experiences shapes our resilience, access to new opportunities, coping skills, strong connections and relationships, and quality of life.

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2021 - Mental health start with our children artwork


Mental health start with our children

It takes a village to raise a child and evidence has shown early childhood experience are a crucial foundation in shaping behaviours, resilience, emotional regulation and relationships throughout our whole lives.

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2020 - Strengthening our community artwork


Strengthening our community

Live. Learn. Work. Play. To build supportive communities, we must take a holistic look at mental health, as it’s a variety of factors throughout our lives which impact on our overall sense of wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic brought connection between mental health and the ways we live, learn, work and play into focus across all our communities.

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