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Date & Time
Fri 06 Oct
12:30 PM to 01:30 PM
Perth Metro
Subiaco Library
237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA 6008
Perth, WA, 6008
City of Subiaco
[email protected]
08 9237 9330

Enhance your Gut Health

Enhance your Gut Health

Natalie is an internationally recognized expert on Nutrition and Gut Health, specifically the Gut Microbiome. A published author, speaker, coach, radio presenter, regular podcast guest, newspaper and magazine contributor, Natalie has talent for translating cutting-edge scientific research about the Gut Microbiome into ‘everyday speak’. Her engaging, funny and witty manner is sure to keep your captivated.

In this talk Natalie will talk about:

• What your Gut Microbiome is, and the role it plays in your health.

• Foods that diminish your Microbiome, Foods that enhance your Microbiome.

• Lifestyle elements that diminish your Microbiome, Lifestyle elements that enhance your Microbiome.

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This is a public event open to the whole community.

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