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Date & Time
Thu 20 Oct
06:00 PM to 07:30 PM
Perth Metro
(Online Webinar)
Suite 306, Level 3, 480 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards, Sydney., NSW, 2065
Elizabeth Woodcock
[email protected]
02 9438 2511

Webinar - Preschoolers with Selective Mutism Transitioning to School

This 1.5-hour webinar is for early childhood and kindergarten teachers, support staff, and parents who care for a child with selective mutism or extreme shyness who is starting school in 2023 and would like to help them make the most optimal transition to school.

Selective mutism is a severe but treatable anxiety disorder. It generally takes one to two years of treatment to resolve, and requires an intensive school or preschool program.

The transition to school for pre-schoolers with Selective Mutism is often a stressful and difficult process and raises many questions for caregivers and parents. There are many factors to consider around such a transition such as educating the primary school and teachers about selective mutism, and preparing the child for the transition.

The webinar covers topics such as educating the primary school and teachers about selective mutism and how to respond to the child initially if they do or don't speak, selecting the most appropriate teacher, familiarising the child with the new environment and teacher, and preparing the child for other changes that will occur. Cost: $80 per person + $50 per additional persons in the same booking.

If you can't make the live webinar, our website has options to purchase a:

a) Previous recording on USB: https://selectivemutism.com.au/product/webinar-usb-preschoolers-transitioning/

b) 4-week online access to a recording: https://selectivemutism.com.au/webinar-recording-preschoolers-with-selective-mutism-transitioning-to-school/

c) DVD package: https://selectivemutism.com.au/product/transitioning-dvd/

This is a public event open to the whole community.

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