Leave a bequest

What is a bequest?

A bequest is an allocation you make in your Will where you may choose to leave money or an asset.

Who will benefit?

Bequests are a lasting gift which enable you to support human rights and quality of life of people affected by mental illness. It also allows WAAMH to continue its mental health promotion work to break down stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviour.

You may choose a specific project or area of your choice within the range of services offered by WAAMH or you may elect to offer your gift to the organisation to allocate across all our work.

What do I do?

You will need a Will to make a bequest and most people have their Will drawn up by their solicitor.

What if I have a will?

If you have already made a Will but are now interested in supporting WAAMH, you can do so by adding a codicil. This is an addition to your will which would include a bequest to WAAMH.

What terminology do I use?

A bequest is a gift from you which can be worded to suit your wishes. Please call your Solicitor to discuss appropriate wording.

Please call us on 6246 3000 during office hours or email info@waamh.org.au for a no obligation discussion on bequests.